This might be Fun in a Meta way

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This might be Fun in a Meta way

Post by mr_zeppo » Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:44 pm

just read the newest Community News Post here- ... n=launcher

the juiciest bit from the article-

"Be warned though, what you will be experiencing is not a game, it´s not even a prototype of a game. This is the raw Aether engine with EVE spaceship assets and some interaction dynamics, which are nothing like EVE Online or EVE: Valkyrie. CCP is providing our visual assets for use in the Aether Engine, enabling Hadean to focus on addressing the challenges we face with large-scale online multiplayer environments. This will almost certainly blow up if you guys show up in force, so please do because R&D is about breaking things! ....We’d love for you all to take this small step with us and make it a giant leap for EVE"!
~CCP Hellmar

the goal is 10,000+++ players in one huge battle.

the idea of participating in a future tech system test sounds fun!!!
and getting a sneak preview at new technologies that they claim will innovate and prolong the long term lifespan of EVE sounds like even MORE fun!

i already signed up, here-

I know that i am new and all... but i just wanted to share the details and make sure no one missed this interesting announcement from CCP.

and i kinda think that it would be an interesting META event to attend and represent SiCO and our many Corps. I plan on taging (if possible) what ever ship they assign me for that test with [SEADC - SiCO]

hope to see som of yall at that event!

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