Corporation Recruitment

Want to join the Silent Coaliton? Basic information about joining us can be found in here.
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Corporation Recruitment

Post by SilentCoalitionAdmin » Sat May 19, 2018 5:19 pm

The Silent Coalition is not only seeking to find individual players to join it. We also allow entire corporations to join us. As integrating a whole corporation in to a coalition is always a bit more work and has more security risks each corporation is individually interviewed before invited to the coalition.

The coalition brings great benefits for any corporation seeking to join it. Since the corporations are not in a official alliance it allows each one of them to specialize in their own areas in the game. Even when all the corporations are working together in the larger scale each one of the coalition corporations have their own decision making power when it comes to corporation internal decisions. This means that joining the coalition won't restrict your corporation in any way!

The first steps
Since everything is handled with standings, proper asset list management and automated API authentication systems joining the coalition is easy for all types of corporations. In the beginning your corporation will be integrated in to our system and set with the proper coalition standings. Your own corporation daily activity won't get interrupted while you gain access to all of our services and communication channels and start to learn to know us. As time goes on your leadership team will be given the required roles to see the management programs behind the screens to allow easier corporation management.

All of the services we offer for for our individual members we will also offer for all of your corporation members. Besides of these services your corporation will gain access to our homepage and authentication system for easier member management, tracking and news sharing. The authentication system and director IT management programs will make it easier for you to know the actually current state of your corporation and members.

Whats next?

To join us have a look at our rules located at here:
If you have no problems with our rules the next step is to hop on our Discord: and contact Ikarus Cesaille

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